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Who – or what – is VegCharlotte?

Some people say I should call my blog VegCatherine.  I’m Catherine – an imperfect and practical vegan living in Charlotte, North Carolina.

I’m just your typical Irish lassie living in the American South with my partner from North India and four furry rescue babies.  So my food inspirations are a bit varied, to say the least.  One day I may make faux chicken salad and summer squash casserole for dinner.  The next night, the menu may be rajma and raita.

I try to make my blog very accessible to everyone and take a laid-back approach to veganism.  I’m not going to say you can’t read my blog if you’re not vegan.  I don’t post pictures of slaughterhouses or go into all the health reasons for becoming vegan – if you’ve found my blog you probably already know that.  I just try to post great recipes and advice on how to make your vegan lifestyle easy and fun.

I’m also a practical vegan.  I realize that not every new vegan can afford to give their pantry and closet a total makeover. I realize that we sometimes have to go, for family or work reasons, to restaurants that would not be our first choice.  I realize that many new vegans may not yet have developed ninja cooking skills, and that cashews, although great for making creamy bases and cheese substitutes, may be more of an occasional cooking splurge than a daily ingredient.  So I’ll review the Olive Garden as well as Bean Vegan Cuisine.  And most of the recipes I share are fairly simple and inexpensive.

I tell the truth.  There are many vegans who believe they must support every vegan product, restaurant, or endeavor out there.  I don’t do the vegan lockstep.  If something isn’t good, I’ll say so.  It doesn’t do our cause any good if someone tries some horrible vegan food and then gets scared away because they think all vegan food tastes like that.

I love to cook, eat, and read, so therefore I:

Share vegan recipes – both for the Southern soul food I grew up on, and the spicy Punjabi food I’ve completely fallen in love with over the past five years.  Most of the recipes are quick and easy, and many of them are gluten-free.

Review vegan-friendly restaurants in the Charlotte, NC area.

Review vegan books – both vegan cookbooks and other books that may be of special interest to vegans and vegetarians.

Share reviews on vegan products – from vegan convenience foods to vegan cruelty-free makeup.

And since I am a practical vegan, I also share tips on how to live the vegan life a bit more frugally.

I also write about local vegan and vegetarian happenings in Charlotte, NC – the Annual Charlotte Vegfest, circus protests, the challenge of finding vegan food during the DNC, where to obtain prepared vegan foods for Thanksgiving and Christmas …

At times, you may also be subjected to photos of my cats (who love to photobomb my recipe pictures).

Gray Tabby

Or photos of dogs wearing shoes.


VegCharlotte is also a community I run with my partner Amrik and my amazing Organizers Brittany and Ron! – (I’m also an Organizer for Ron’s group, Charlotte Vegan and Vegetarian Social Club.)

If you want to know still more about me, and what it was like to go veg in Charlotte, NC over fifteen ago, check out this post.

DISCLAIMER:  In all my restaurant reviews and other posts, I do try my best to determine what, if any, animal ingredients are used. However, servers, managers, and company contacts can sometimes be misinformed (or confused about the differences between vegetarians and vegans); and chefs, menus, and recipes can change.  Please use the information in this blog as a guide and ask your own questions when you dine out.

DISCLAIMER 2:  While I may occasionally receive free product samples for review, all opinions are 100% my own and cannot be bought, sold, or otherwise tampered with.

DISCLAIMER 3:  Due to the high number of trolls on vegan blogs, I  have found it necessary to moderate comments.  I reserve the right not to publish or to delete comments that consist of personal attacks (against me, other commentators, or vegans in general), name calling, racial or religious slurs, profanity, and/or vulgarity.


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  1. Hi VegCharlotte,
    Just wanted to let you know that our online vegan wine shop is open!
    Vegan Sommelier sells and SHIPS wines from smaller wineries, many family owned, both domestic and foreign, made the traditional way with NO animal products. If you are not sure that your wine is vegan, your wine, even your organic wine, may have been processed with bovine tissue, shrimp shells, eggs, dairy , even a sturgeon’s bladder!
    Why take a chance?
    We offer convenience, credibility and the smallest carbon footprint.
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  2. I enjoyed checking out your blog! Thanks for “liking” my post, “My Vegan Journey”. Many blessings–Melanie

  3. Hey Charlotte! I’ve been vegan for a year and am loving it! I’m always happy to meet other imperfect vegans so I’m happy that I found your blog. Celeste:)

  4. Hey Catherine! I’m having a little fun on my blog and playing a game. I tagged you on my post to play the game with me. It’s a quick, simple game. If you play, you might win a new car!! Haha – that’s a LIE! Still, I hope you play! Here’s the link:
    Celeste 🙂

  5. I love the “imperfect vegan”. I recently heard a fellow blogger use “practical vegan” and I liked that too. I made the trainsition in April of this year and the most important lesson I learned is that its not about being perfect. Its about doing the best you can with what you have 🙂 Great blog!

    • Thanks, Lizzie! I use the words “practical vegan” a lot, too, especially if I’m writing about saving money or couponing! You’re absolutely right, it’s all about doing the best you can with what you have. Congratulations on being a 7th-month vegan!

  6. Hi there, I’m from Charlotte and currently live in Atlanta. My partner and I have a vegan blog also at I still have family in Charlotte so I go there occasionally. This blog is great, keep up the good work!

  7. Hi! I really enjoy following you and have nominated you for a Sunshine Award. If you’re interested in accepting, pop by for more details and follow the rules. If you don’t like it, don’t worry, just leave it, that’s fine! 🙂

  8. “I don’t really go into the reasons why you should be vegan. If you’ve made it to my blog, you already know those.” <–this is great! I love your practical and open-minded approach to veganism. Thanks so much for visiting my blog because it allowed me to find yours 🙂

  9. Hi Catherine!

    Just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award :). If you’re interested, here’s my post:

  10. Hey Catherine, I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. No pressure to accept but if you’re interested the rules are here: 🙂 – PS looks like you’re pretty popular 😉

  11. I am not a vegan, but sometimes I eat like one. I am glad I discovered your blog, you have been nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award.

  12. I like Veg Catherine better than Veg Charlotte and posts by Catherine better than smallest sparrow. You are the brand Baby. Daddy

    • Luke 12:6 – Not one sparrow is forgotten by God. and Matthew 10:29 – Not a single sparrow can fall to the ground without your Father knowing. However, all my posts should be showing up as by VegCharlotte. VegCharlotte makes sense, as it is the name of my meetup group (which used to be the most active veg group in Charlotte, when I had my own business), and it’s specific to the Charlotte region. But thanks for saying I am the brand!

  13. Delighted to have stumbled across your blog, I was vegetarian for 25 years until I became pregnant with my twins then I started eating meat again. I hate how dependant I’ve become on meat over the last three years so I’m hoping your blog will give me the inspiration to eat more veggie and vegan meals!

  14. Hi! Thanks so much for following my blog! Love the layout!
    All the best,
    Katieeatsvegan xxx

  15. Hi VC,
    I just came across your site and appreciate your thoughts here. I am also a very imperfect vegan. I no longer check labels, but I mostly buy stuff without labels to begin with! I think you mentioned your have a Punjabi boyfriend, that is very interesting! Is that the influence that comes out in your blog as well, like the Indian cuisine tab? (I know punjabis are not Indian per se, but….)
    Anyway, I will be following and check out more of what you have. Best,

    • Buying mostly stuff without labels does make the label-reading process a great deal easier, doesn’t it? 😉

      Actually, my partner is Indian – he comes from the Indian State of Punjab. (There’s also the huge province of Punjab in Pakistan.) But, yes, that’s where the Indian influence comes from. I should probably update my About page and make that more clear.

  16. Love your blog – I recently moved to CLT from a Charleston, very foodie but pork-centric town, and am appreciative of your restaurant reviews and honesty. You go girl!

    • THANKS! Charlotte is very foodie but pork-centric, too (if you haven’t already discovered this). One of my goals this year is to do more restaurant reviews and organize them on separate page to make it easier to find reviews. Please give your feedback on any restaurant I’ve reviewed! Hope you are enjoying Charlotte!

  17. Hi, the recipes are pretty good. Glad to find your space.

  18. Hi! I just discovered your blog tonight and I am in week 9 of what I thought was Veganism, lol, I have a long term goal of 99% Veganism due to work (food industry) and spiritual reasons and last night in a Vegan group, a woman was being yelled at and she said that from now on she was just going to call herself a reducetarian…I said, what is that? Did a google search and your interview with…Hmm…I want to say Brian something…sorry…came up, anyways, it was wonderful and not only does it make me want to buy the book that he was speaking of and continue exploring what his movement is all about but I fell in love with how open minded you are, how practical and reasonable and I am now following your blog–forgive me as I am the type of person that likes to look through old entries and read as much as I can to see what I have missed so if you see comments from me from 2015 or 2016 as this one seems to be, thats just me playing catch up 😀

    • Awwww, thanks for writing such a nice note! I do try to be practical – I sometimes call myself a “Practical Vegan” – I think the biggest obstacle in “going vegan” is getting too hung up on perfectionism. We all make – intentional or nonintentional- mistakes. One person have a bad day and eat a slice of non-veg pizza; I may forget to keep checking the ingredients list of something I frequently buy at the supermarket. Sometimes I post about my mistakes on my blog. No one’s perfect, but everything we do counts. Doing something is always better than doing nothing.

      Brian Kateman is the leader of the Reducetarian Movement. I strongly support his movement. I met him in a vegan FB group when he was first coming up with his idea of “reducetarian” and putting it out there. He got attacked, I got attacked, we friended each other, he told me about his ideas in detail, I gave him vegan feedback. His book is great – I need to post a review. It’s in three sections, something like Mind, Body, and Earth – I’d skip to reading the Earth first because that has a lot of information we don’t hear as often. Another good book for practical wanna-be vegans is Erik Marcus’ The Ultimate Vegan Guide – I believe you can download it for free from the internet.

      Thanks and please feel free to comment and ask questions.

  19. Hi Catherine,
    I received your email but for some reason I was unable to reply directly. I am happy to provide links to people’s sites whose lifestyles I align with. I wanted to thank you for directly helping save animal’s lives. It is truly appreciated. Also, I’m sorry if their was confusion on my site, as I’m a complete newbie to the tech world and I was pretty much tormented learning how to build it. LOL!
    As it’s such a new site, they explained to me it would take awhile to see in the regular search engines, but you should be able to go to any browser like Google and type the site name in their URL. Then, if you punch on the blog, all of my posts should come up. If for some reason you can’t, then try clicking on the category links on the right side of the page. If you still have problems, please let me know. Thanks again for taking the time out of your day to say thank you to me. Have a great day!

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