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Apple Butternut Squash Soup with Indian Spices (Vegan, Gluten Free)

Nothing tastes quite so much like Autumn as apples and winter squashes! I’ve always loved apple-butternut squash soups. Here I’ve taken that classic combo in a less sweet, more savory direction. And the addition of warming Indian spices is guaranteed to take the chill from a cold day.

Dal Makhani (Vegan, Gluten Free)

Dal Makhani is a decadent Indian dal, made from creamy black lentils and lots and lots of butter and cream. My version is completely dairy-free with considerably less calories, yet is still creamy and satisfying.

Masoor Dal

Masoor Dal (Red Lentil Curry)

Masoor Dal was the first dal my partner taught me to make, and I’ve made it almost every week since. It’s delicious. It’s comfort food. Best of all, it’s FAST!

Aloo Nutrela 3

Aloo Nutrela Curry (Potatoes with Soy Nuggets)

This is an unusual little vegan curry, one you won’t find in Indian restaurants. It tastes almost like a beef and potato stew in a rich onion gravy. It’s classic Indian comfort food – perfect for the coming autumn.

Indian Inspired Tofu Scramble

Sunday Breakfast: Indian Inspired Tofu Scramble (Vegan, Gluten-Free)

  I call this recipe “Indian Inspired” because, unlike the Tofu Bhurji recipe I posted a few weeks ago,  this is not a traditional Indian recipe. For one thing, this scramble uses curry powder, and very few Indian cooks would stoop to cooking with curry powder. Yet, curry powder is the taste most of my… Read More ›

Indian Tofu Scramble (Tofu Bhirji)

Sunday Breakfast: Indian Tofu Scramble (Tofu Bhurji) – Vegan, Gluten Free

So this is what we had for breakfast this morning – an Indian Tofu Scramble (Tofu Bhurji). This has to be my absolute favorite tofu scramble recipe!  Even if you’ve had an Indian tofu scramble before (say, the yellow curry powder version at Zada Jane’s Corner Cafe), you might want to try this authentic recipe… Read More ›

Aloo Jeera Cooked

Sunday Morning Breakfast: Punjabi Hash Browns (Vegan, Gluten-Free)

Fried diced potatoes with cumin (or aloo jeera dry) is one of the first Indian recipes my partner taught me to make.  I think of it as Punjabi Hash Browns – a spicy alternative to traditional morning fried potatoes.  If you are the kind of person who routinely adds hot sauce or maybe jalapeños to their hash… Read More ›

Sunday Breakfast: Medu Vada Wraps

Medu Vada is a popular South Indian fried snack made from urad dal (lentils) and traditionally served with sambar soup or coconut chutney. They remind me of savory, crispy little doughnuts. Although my South Indian friends insist they are not that difficult to make from scratch, I have not yet been courageous enough to try…. Read More ›

Cornbread With Turnip Greens & Hot Peppers

This is an interesting variation on the Southern tradition of hot peppery cornbread eaten with greens … greens baked right into the cornbread! This recipe is inspired by the inimitable Raghavan Iyer and his newest book, “Indian Cooking Unfolded.”  In it, he has a recipe for mustard greens stirred into cornbread batter and baked in… Read More ›

Super Speedy Chana Palak (Indian Chickpeas with Spinach)

Today  we’re going to do a non-traditional, slightly subversive take on an Indian dish – Chana Palak (chickpeas and spinach). My partner maintains chana palak is not traditional Indian cuisine anyway.  He swears he never ate it in India and first learned about it when he dined in Indian restaurants in the US.  He claims it’s an… Read More ›

Vegan Crockpot Yogurt – Part II – PLUS A Recipe for Namkeen Lassi!

Almost a year ago, I wrote about my adventures trying to find or make a decent vegan yogurt, as yogurt was the only obstacle keeping me and my partner from becoming 100% vegan.  We would eat otherwise vegan meals but I had become dependent on using yogurt to thicken curry sauces and make creamy soups…. Read More ›

Spicy Sweet Potato Soup

I have to admit, for years I hated sweet potatoes, because the only way I’d ever had them was … well, “sweet”.  Drenched in brown sugar and maple syrup, often cooked in casseroles with marshmallows on top. Then, about 15 years ago, I had an epiphany.  What if I cooked sweet potatoes just like …… Read More ›

Summertime Creamy, Curried Corn Chowder

It’s those warm, lazy, hazy days of mid-summer when sweet corn and juicy tomatoes are at their peak. What to do with all this delicious summer bounty? Make corn chowder, of course! I know, I know.  Corn chowder is not something one thinks of as vegan, what with the butter, the cream, and often, the… Read More ›

Indian Lemonade (Nimbu Paani)

This summer, I am officially addicted to two drinks – Watermelon Smoothies and Indian Lemonade (nimbu paani). What makes Indian Lemonade different from … well, lemonade? Well, for one thing it has salt – usually black salt (kala namak), but sea salt will work as well.  Oddly, the lemonade doesn’t taste salty – it just… Read More ›

Virtual Vegan Potluck – Punjabi Black Eyed Peas With Wilted Ginger Greens (Fusion Dish)

Wow, what a day Saturday, May 11th is!  Not only the Virtual Vegan Potluck but Charlotte’s Second Annual Vegfest!  I am SOO excited!!! Thanks for stopping by to sample my Indian fusion dish.  No, it’s not Indo-Chinese fusion – it’s a fusion of North India and the American South! Let me explain. I’ve had a… Read More ›

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