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Cookin Southern Vegetarian Style

Cookin’ Southern Vegetarian Style by Ann Jackson

I fell in love with this charming little Southern cookbook from the first page, when Ann is pondering what Southern cooking is.  She writes, “I knew it was more than bacon grease and fatback,” and then finally decides, “It’s attitude, pure and simple.” “It’s kitchens in summer and tomato sandwiches; Slapping mosquitoes and swatting flies;… Read More ›

Tempeh Chicken Salad Sandwich

Addicting Tempeh “Chicken” Salad (Vegan, Gluten Free)

This recipe is adapted from the very charming book “Cookin’ Southern – Vegetarian Style,” by Ann Jackson, which I’ll be reviewing tomorrow. I’m not sure what made me try this recipe, since I usually hate tempeh.  The texture drives me wild.  Possibly it’s because I so fell in love with this little cookbook, I decided… Read More ›

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