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White Lightning Rajma Masala (Mixed Kidney Bean Curry)


My partner is a man who likes his rice and beans. Specifically, he likes his rice and beans on Sunday. Every Sunday. According to him, it’s the only acceptable meal to serve on a Sunday evening. (I’ve tried serving other foods, but he was NOT amused.) So it was with dismay I discovered I only… Read More ›

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Product Review: Pine Bros. Softish Throat Drops (Vegan and Gluten Free)


Recently I was contacted by Pine Bros., makers of “Softish Throat Relief” drops for 140 years! Pine Bros. had just released two new flavors (Sugar Free Wild Cherry and Vitamin C Orange) and wanted to know if I was interested in several free bags of these vegan, gluten-free drops in exchange for an honest review…. Read More ›

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Vegganers Luck – Vegan Meal Delivery/Catering


I’m excited to announce that Charlotte, NC has yet another vegan dining option – Vegganers Luck! Vegganers Luck is a vegan meal delivery and catering service. But as Zariyah says, “Vegganers Luck is more than just a name. We wanted to introduce the veganism lifestyle to people who aren’t just vegans. We cater to those… Read More ›

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Weight Watchers Versatile Vegetarian

(4) Versatile Vegetarian

Don’t let the title fool you – about 75% of the recipes are vegan, or could easily be made vegan. The emphasis is on beans, grains, and veggies – no fake meats and very little soy and nuts. Quite a variety of ethnic influences – Italian, Greek, Mexican,Indian.

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The Produce Box


Joining The Produce Box produce delivery service is an easy way to upgrade your food and simplify your life, while supporting your local community.

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Frugal Vegan: Choosing Wisely


Every now and then it’s good to reassess and take stock. And in doing so I’ve found I’m a very different sort of Frugal Vegan than I was a few years ago. Then, my main concern was saving every penny I could. (I had, after all, decided to start my own real estate business during… Read More ›

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Vegan At Walt Disney World


Is Walt Disney World vegan friendly? The answer, as I found out on my recent visit to Walt Disney World – Orlando, FL, is … It’s complicated. There is certainly vegan food to eat, but your choices are limited. However, that’s not as bad as it sounds, because EVERYONE’S choices are somewhat limited. To deal… Read More ›

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