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A Very Vegan Valentine’s Day – Dining Options in Charlotte, NC

Valentine’s Day.  Hearts.  Flowers.  Chocolates.  Perhaps a little bling.  And of course … nice romantic dinners for two. But where does a vegan go for a romantic dinner for two in Charlotte, NC – the city of bankers and BBQ? This year, you have quite a few options! First up, Fern, Flavors from the Garden…. Read More ›

VegCharlotte Awards – Methodology

It’s almost time to announce the winners of the 2013 VegCharlotte Awards … but I first, I wanted to explain the concept and the methodology I used. The VegCharlotte Awards were created after I read one too many articles about “Best Vegetarian Food in Charlotte” or “Best Vegan Food in Charlotte” – articles that were… Read More ›

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