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Gardein Skillet Meals: Chick’n Florentino

Gardein recently released a new line of products, “Skillet Meals: Meatless Meal for Two!” These are so new they aren’t even on the Gardein website yet! The four varieties are slated for national distribution in April, but some Charlotte area Harris Teeters have already begun carrying these meals and it’s become the current hot topic… Read More ›

Gardein Skillet Meals For Two: Chick’n Fiesta

Gardein recently released a new line of products, “Skillet Meals: Meatless Meal for Two!” I’m not a big fan of processed, frozen food, and I try to limit my intake of faux meats and cheeses. But, when I saw four varieties of these new Skillet Meals at my local Charlotte Harris Teeter (Morrocroft, aka The Taj… Read More ›

Product Review: Gardein Fishless Filets

Back in the days when I was an omnivore, I had a love-hate relationship with fish. Living in landlocked Charlotte, NC, most of the available fish was … well, not too fresh and definitely very fishy! But at summer vacations at the beach … ah, the fish was completely different there. Fresh and flaky and… Read More ›

Well-Read Wednesday – The Conscious Cook by Tal Ronnen

Now that we’ve passed the Autumn equinox, the weather is getting decidedly cooler.  Night isn’t just creeping in on little cat feet anymore; it’s sprinting to beat me home from work! Spending time in a warm, cozy kitchen experimenting with recipes sounds like just the thing on an Autumn night. The Conscious Cook looks like it… Read More ›

Gardein Ultimate Beefless Slider

Gardein’s had their “Ultimate Sliders” out in the grocery stores for quite awhile now, and I finally broke down and tried them. I must confess,  I’ve never really “gotten” the concept of “sliders.” Perhaps this is because I didn’t grow up anywhere near a White Castle. Perhaps it’s because I tend to be more of… Read More ›

Betty Goes Vegan

There’s been so much buzz about Betty Goes Vegan, that I had to sit down for awhile in a nice cozy bookstore coffee shop and page through it for myself. First thing you should know, this is NOT a “Betty Crocker” cookbook.  I think many vegans were overjoyed when this cookbook came out because it… Read More ›

Gardein Mandarin Orange Crispy Chick’n

Last night I tried Gardein’s Mandarin Orange Crispy Chick’n – “Quick & Easy! Better Than Takeout!  Ready In Only 8 Minutes!”  I  like many Gardein products, but … It really is quick and easy (although it took me a little longer than 8 minutes).  You simply heat some oil in a pan, add the chick’n… Read More ›

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