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Balayez! Jambalaya! (Five Vegan Variations)

In my last post I shared some of the history of that classic New Orleans/Mardi Gras dish, Jambalaya. As promised, I will now share my base recipe and several vegan and gluten-free variations. First, I admit that Jambalaya is an easy recipe to veganize. Faux versions of sausage and chicken have gotten so common (and… Read More ›

A Brief History of Jambalaya

New Orleans is known for many dishes. Gumbos, crawfish, more ways of cooking alligator than most of us have ever dreamed of. However, there are three big ones the Cajun and Creole cooks are world-famous for. I’ve already shared two vegan versions with you – Red Beans and Rice and (Not So) Dirty Rice. The… Read More ›

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