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Southwest Quinoa

Meatless Monday: Moe’s Southwest Quinoa (Vegan, Gluten Free)

Okay, so Moe’s Southwest Grill doesn’t actually serve quinoa. But Moe’s (and Chipotle) did serve as inspiration for this recipe. It was Monday, I had to cook dinner from odds and ends, my partner and I are on different work schedules so we’d been missing out on our regular “Moe Monday” burrito bowl lunch deals…. Read More ›

Meatless Monday: Tuscan White Beans & Greens (Vegan, Gluten Free)

Sometimes, I hesitate to share a recipe because it seems almost too simple, too basic. But, there’s a reason why some of these very simple recipes have been around forever – like this classic white beans and greens dish from Northern Italy. It’s a combination of fast + foolproof + delicious. (Not to mention naturally… Read More ›

Vegan Gluten Free Black Bean Veggie Burger

Meatless Monday: Chipotle Black Bean Veggie Burgers – Vegan, Gluten-Free

This vegan, gluten-free Black Bean Burger is easily the best black bean burger I’ve had – and I live in Charlotte, City of Black Bean Burgers. I’ll never buy a frozen black bean burger again. And neither will you, once you see how easy and inexpensive – and tasty! – these are.

Meatless Monday: Healthy Vegan Penne Alla Vodka (Pasta in Pink Sauce)

Is Penne Alla Vodka (also known as “pasta with pink sauce”) American or Italian? Some say of course it’s Italian! Why else would it be served in every chain Italian restaurant? Some insist the recipe was created at Dante, a restaurant in Bologna, Italy. Others say baloney, Penne Alla Vodka is about as Italian as a… Read More ›

Vegan Baked Spaghetti

Meatless Monday: Baked Spaghetti (Vegan)

Ah, baked spaghetti. One of my family’s favorite “company casseroles.” A cross between spaghetti and lasagna. It’s not only easy and delicious, but you can make it ahead of time. Here is my veganized version.

On God and Tofu

I didn’t become veg for spiritual reasons. I became veg out of compassion for animals and, later, the undeniable health benefits. But if you make the decision to go veg, you do a lot of reading and you do a lot of learning. And – WHOA –  I learned!  Did I ever learn!  About factory farms,… Read More ›

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