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Jeera Rice – Cumin Scented Basmati Rice (Gluten Free)

I fell in love with Basmati rice the first time I tasted it, and I’ve been cooking with it ever since. Basmati is a long grain rice, usually grown in India.  It has a slightly nutty flavor and a delicate scent.  The extremely long grains become even longer when cooked, and it cooks up reliably… Read More ›

Arsenic In Rice? What’s A Vegan To Do?

Once again, an innocent plant is taking the blame that should go to factory farming. This time, it’s rice. According to some sensationalistic news articles and blogs, there is more arsenic in a serving of rice than in a glass of Aunt Martha’s elderberry  wine.   Leanne Ely of Saving Dinner fame, for whom I… Read More ›

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