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Frugal Vegan: Vegan Holiday Food Planning

The Holiday Season is fast approaching, which usually means one thing – your money is fast departing! Too often when we plan and budget for the holidays, we think in terms of gifts and decorations. ¬†Food is so much part of our daily life, we often don’t notice how many food-related holiday events are involved…. Read More ›

Frugal Friday: Saving Money On Cookbooks (And Other Books)

I proudly admit to being a Bibliophile. Over the years I’ve found some ways to save money on vegan cookbooks – and every other kind of book, too!

Frugal Friday – Vegan Couponing Part II

Welcome to Vegan Couponing Part II! First, we’ll address a big reason many vegans don’t coupon, and then we’ll talk about paper coupons. “I don’t think coupons offer savings on anything I can use. ¬†Aren’t they all for Hamburger Helper and Campbell’s Soups?” To be sure, many coupons are! But here are some other coupons… Read More ›

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