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Hoppy Easter with HopLark HopTea!

If you are sober-curious – or have ever done a Dry Challenge – or, for whatever reason, choose not to drink – chances are, you have tried a non-alcoholic beer. Chances are also good the non-alcoholic beer tasted like watered-down dog p*ss Budweiser. A few companies are getting creative with hops, however. There is now… Read More ›

Raise Your Glass … To The Veggie Life

There are two kinds of vegans … One kind avoids wine, because they know its ingredients could include honey and dairy, and because it could be filtered with egg whites, gelatin, fish bladders (a.k.a. isinglass), and sea shells. The other kind drinks wine, because they DON’T know its ingredients could include honey and dairy, or… Read More ›

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