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Rajma Masala Veggie Burgers

Take a break from boring black bean burgers and try this Indian veggie burger with all the flavors of classic Rajma curry.

Really, Red Robin?

It is so disappointing when a restaurant you think “gets it” … doesn’t. Of course I’m talking about Red Robin.  For a chain of its type, Red Robin seemed like it was really making an effort to reach out to people on a plant-based diet. A Gardenburger for vegetarians, a Boca burger for vegans. Two… Read More ›

Gardein Ultimate Beefless Slider

Gardein’s had their “Ultimate Sliders” out in the grocery stores for quite awhile now, and I finally broke down and tried them. I must confess,  I’ve never really “gotten” the concept of “sliders.” Perhaps this is because I didn’t grow up anywhere near a White Castle. Perhaps it’s because I tend to be more of… Read More ›

VegCharlotte Awards – Veggie Burgers!

This is one category that received A LOT of votes! So many, in fact, that I had to choose three winners – or rather, give three awards to two winners … You’ll see what I mean! Bean Vegan Cuisine won for Best Veggie Burgers overall.  I wasn’t surprised –  they have not just one, not… Read More ›

Beefless Burgers That Don’t Suck

Okay, I know there’s a ton of tasty veggie burgers out there – black bean burgers and the like – that taste wonderful on a bun and make absolutely no pretense to be meat.  You can find them in your grocery’s freezer.  Or at your favorite vegan deli (Zizi’s has about 5 creative varieties, including… Read More ›

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