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Embarrassing Veg News From The DNC

Ok, now for the really embarrassing veggie DNC news … what made us look like idiots in front of the veggie world …. (drumroll please) …. The Charlotte Observer! First up – The Observer’s food critic Helen Schwab and her recommendations of places to dine. ¬†Helen’s been writing restaurant reviews for The Observer for the… Read More ›

More DNC Veg News – Foo Fighters At Rock The Vote!

More DNC Veggie News – Foo Fighters Performing at Rock The Vote! Yes, Wednesday, September 5, the Foo Fighters played an awesome 3 1/2 hours, 35 song set before an enthusiastic crowd of approx. 1000 people at The Fillmore. Ok, I know the Foo Fighters are not vegetarian themselves – ¬†BUT about 1/3 of their… Read More ›

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