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Upton’s Naturals Wrap-Up

About a month ago, Upton’s Naturals sent me some free product coupons in exchange for honest reviews and developing a few recipes.  I, of course accepted, enjoying the chance to try a new vegan product.  And recipes – I love to cook! – how hard could coming up with a few recipes be? The experiment… Read More ›

Vegan Beef Stroganoff

  BEEF STROGANOFF! With its rich sour cream sauce, marinated beef and mushrooms, and hearty egg noodles, it’s classic omnivore comfort food, perfect for winter or these final chilly, damp nights of spring. But like my mother’s spaghetti with meat sauce, beef stroganoff has proved another dish difficult to veganize.  Leaving out the “meat” entirely… Read More ›

Upton’s Naturals Italian Seitan – The Best Thing To Happen To Spaghetti Since Italy!

Growing up, Charlotte, NC was not a very diverse place. We didn’t have many “Eye-talians” living in the city; therefore, we had limited knowledge of Italian food. “Spaghetti” meant thick, soft, overcooked spaghetti noodles with ketchup.  (I really wish I was exaggerating about this one, but I’m not.  Much.) “Spaghetti Bolognese” meant a little ground… Read More ›

Sunday Breakfast: Vegan Southwestern Quiche with Black Beans and “Chorizo”

Several weeks ago, Upton’s Naturals, a fun and funky vegan company specializing in minimally processed seitan products, contacted me to do some product reviews and write a few recipes.  I’ve already reviewed their amazing seitan bacon and created one h*ll of a good vegan philly “steak” sandwich with their traditional seitan. Next product tested:  Chorizo… Read More ›

So I Hung Out With Seitan In The Kitchen And Came Up With One H*ll Of A Good Vegan Philly “Steak” Sandwich

This vegan Philly Steak Sandwich is a tribute to my dad. My parents divorced when I was very young.  My dad wanted to remain a major part of my life so, in addition to other time spent with me, we developed a routine of having lunch or dinner together once a week. In my preteens… Read More ›

Sunday Breakfast: Upton’s Naturals Bacon Seitan

Bacon. It’s one of America’s most popular meats, attaining “sizzling” cult status over the past few years.  You can now find everything from bacon bubble gum to bacon ice cream to bacon-flavored rolling papers. Yet bacon has been one of the hardest meats for the veg industry to replicate. There’s MorningStar Farms Bacon Strips, which… Read More ›

Upton’s Naturals

Look for lots of product reviews coming soon! Upton’s Naturals is a relatively new player in the faux-meat industry (at least in the Charlotte, NC area). Upton’s Naturals is a Chicago-based, vegan owned and operated business specializing in GMO-free, minimally processed seitan (a vegan wheat protein).  Their packaged seitan (Traditional, Ground, Chorizo, Italian, and Bacon… Read More ›

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