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I Am Not Vegetarian, I Am Not Plant Based; I AM VEGAN

Some vegans and vegan groups say “vegan” is a bod word, and we should all call ourselves vegetarian or plant based instead. I disagree. Here’s why.

Reducetarian Movement

Resolve to be a Reducetarian in 2015!

Have you finished making your list of resolutions for 2015? If you are an omnivore, resolve to become a reducetarian! If you are a vegan, resolve to encourage others to become reducetarians!

Golden Rules for Vegans on Vacation

Going on vacation as a vegan can be tricky. Here’s some advice for surviving and thriving!

Myrtle Beach at High Tide

Myrtle Beach in Winter

Why on earth would a vegan go to Myrtle Beach, SC during the winter?

I’ll tell you.

Brian Kateman

The Reducetarian Movement

As an ethical vegan, I would love it if everyone in the world was vegan! As a practical vegan, I know that’s not going to happen – at least not in my lifetime! So if an omnivore isn’t willing to completely give up meat and dairy, I urge them to reduce their intake. Take whatever… Read More ›

Nourish Cauliflower Mash

Vegan Thanksgiving Options In Charlotte, Part V … EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEAK at Nourish’s Thanksgiving Menu!

Exclusive sneak peak at Nourish’s Thanksgiving menu!

Chicken in Chipotle Vegan Sofritas Bowl

So What’s The Big Deal?

Omnivores are always asking, “What’s the big deal? Aren’t you overreacting?” But a vegan/vegetarian’s money should be worth the same as omnivores. And quite honestly it makes me FREAKING FURIOUS to be told I should accept something other than what I paid for.

Chicken In Chipotle Sofrita Bowl

Chipotle Chicken Cross Contamination In Vegan Sofritas Bowl

Several weeks ago, my partner and I tried Chipotle’s new vegan tofu offering, Sofritas, for the first time. I have to say, we were impressed. So impressed, in fact, that Sunday night my partner and I decided to have Sofritas again. We invited his vegetarian-all-her-life sister to accompany us. I ordered the same Sofritas bowl… Read More ›

Man with Horrified Look

Omnivores Say The Darndest Things!

First, a disclaimer.  Most omnivores are lovely people.  They may not understand the dietary and ethical choices I have made, but they respect them.  Most of the time, they ask reasonable, intelligent questions about my diet and I’m happy to provide answers. This post is not about those omnivores. This post is about the others… Read More ›

A Vegan Summer In The South

It’s really hard to find a good vegan cookbook – or even a good vegetarian cookbook – celebrating the food of the American South. Part of the problem, I think, is that the South (like the rest of America) has become more and more accustomed to eating fast food, frozen food, and chain restaurant meals. … Read More ›

Today’s Life Lesson

Today I had a lesson to NEVER assume others will do the right thing. I was in my real estate CE class and I noticed an older woman with a walker and a brace on her wrist entering the class and saying she needed some hot coffee. Because I’ve spent over half of my life… Read More ›

Writing Process Blog Tour

I am excited that Pavithra from EatLiveBurp tagged me to continue this Writing Process Blog Tour.  Pavithra is an amazing blogger who posts vegetarian and often vegan recipes.  Although I first started following her blog because of the authentic Indian recipes, I never know what unexpected delight I might find on her page.  Coconut Cream… Read More ›

Vegan Blogger Gets Beaten Up By Bouncer At Dandelion Market … Or, What It Feels Like To Be a Victim of Racism and Bigotry in Charlotte, NC

3:30 PM:  You’re let off of work early so everyone has time to prepare for the company Christmas party at Dandelion Market in Charlotte, NC.  You’re feeling excited – you haven’t been uptown or had an opportunity to dress up for awhile.  You take a shower, wash your hair, and redo your makeup.  You even… Read More ›

Vegans and Anemia, Part II

So. First, I visit my regular doctor, have six vials of blood taken, and find I am “severely anemic.”  (To clarify, that’s before they removed half my blood from my body to be tested.  I am sure if I wasn’t anemic before, I would have been after.) Next, I find myself at an imaging center,… Read More ›

Vegans and Anemia (The Myths, The Shocking Truth)

When I heard the words, “You’ve got severe anemia!”  the first thing I thought was “Oh, NO!  I’ve been a BAD vegan!” ‘Cause, you know that’s what we hear all the time.  B-12 deficiencies, yada yada yada. But it turned out my B-12 levels were perfectly fine! I had iron-deficiency anemia.  Which still left me… Read More ›

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