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Why I Write Restaurant Reviews

I do intend to be writing posts other than restaurant reviews, but right now I am in the process of transferring reviews from my FB VegCharlotte page to my blog, as I think this will be a much more helpful and useful format.

I’ve been asked before why I bother to post restaurant reviews, when there are resources such as The Happy Cow and several other Charlotte veg blogs.  My answer:  I’m trying to provide the sort of resource I want myself.  The resources I’ve found tend to spotlight the same handful of veg-friendly restaurants, in particular the trinity of Zizi’s, Fern, and Woodlands.  But if you’re like me, you probably have friends, family, coworkers – you know, a life.  You don’t always get your first pick of restaurants.  Sometimes not even your second pick.  Or your third.  I want to know what I can order if I eat a more mainstream restaurant or chain.  I want to be vegucated enough to make an informed decision if the crowd I’m with is debating between restaurants – Chinese from Baoding or Ginbu 401?  Deli from Rusty’s or Bedder Bedder & Moore?  Thai at Bangkok Ocha, Thai Marlai, or Dejai Thai?  I also want to know the restaurants that are particularly veg UNFRIENDLY – those that really don’t have anything for us at all.

Additionally, I have noticed a tendency in the veg community to blindly and enthusiastically promote any business or restaurant that is also veg.  I, too, want to promote veg products and businesses … but I have also had some really bad veg food and/or service, as well!  And I will be honest about that.  Also, many sites that promote these restaurants take paid ads from these restaurants … so I’m never sure if these are reviews I can actually trust.

There are also plenty of veg-friendly restaurants that somehow never seem to get much publicity on other sites.  Maybe they’re not actively promoting themselves to the veg community.  But if you are veg, you should be aware of these as well.

Two last thoughts:

  • Knowledge is power.
  • Bon Appetite!

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