Living Vegan In Charlotte, NC

A Brief Message From The Dog

My Name Is Scruffy

This is the dog.  Yes, the dog.  I’ve hijacked my mom’s computer while she’s in the shower.  She said she was going to shave her legs, so it could take awhile.

I just wanted to share that I am walking in the 2012 Farm Sanctuary Walk in Charlotte, NC – October 13!

I know what you are thinking. I am a DOG. What is a DOG doing walking for farm animals?

It’s true, I do like to eat tasty farm animals. But they are much more fun to play with.

And, I realize it’s just an accident of the universe I was born a dog and not a pig or a chicken.  Just like you had nothing to do with the fact you were born a human and not a Jack Russell terrier mix.

Me, in bed. My parents will just have to share the other pillow.

And it is really strange how humans decided pigs and chickens and cows are food and keep them in horrible factory farms and murder them, but adopt dogs like me into the family and scratch my tickle spots and let me sleep in bed with them.

I admit, I do eat some commercial dog food with meat, but Daddy says once he and Mama are making the money they used to make he will buy me vegan dog food.  I’m down with that.  And I looove eating leftovers!  Mama says I am literally and figuratively full of beans.  Rice and beans and veggie burgers and veggie sausage!  And grits.  I love grits.

So, I am walking because I realize I am one lucky dog and I really want to help my less fortunate animal friends and promote compassion for all.   Plus, my mommy and daddy are walking too, and I’d love to make them look totally lame by raising more money than they do.  Puppy Power!

I don’t expect you’ll want to make a tax-deductible donation to support me because you don’t know me, but if you do want to make a donation … here’s my link.

If you don’t support me then maybe you will support someone else who is walking.  Or maybe you’ll join a team and walk yourself.  I’m walking on the VegCharlotte team.  Or you can join us on Meetup.   I really think it’s kind of funny my Mommy is Captain; I’ve heard her carry on and on about Farm Sanctuary and how they walk around parks and what we really should be doing is 3-mile walks through Uptown on real city streets so everyone would see us and people in cars could see us and take us seriously for once and we might even get some news coverage.  She also thinks we should march around fast food restaurants like The Golden Arches of Hell and Kale-fil-A.  She says the News in Charlotte is so effing prejudiced they will cover any breast cancer walk or Alzheimer’s walk or cancer walk or blood pressure walk or people circling their booties in loops (man, I’d love to see that one!) – but never any coverage for animals.

Thanks for reading, thinking, and hopefully making a donation or joining the walk.  If you were here I’d give you a big wet doggie KISSEE!

Time to chase the cat.

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