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Veg News from the DNC!!!

Charlotte had a WILD week hosting the DNC!  Others have already reported all the political news … I’m now reporting on the vegan and vegetarian news!

First … my favorite vegan baker, Chelly’s Cakes-n-Pastries, was at the DNC CarolinaFest last weekend!  Yes, that’s right … VEGAN STREET FOOD!  In CHARLOTTE!  Here is a picture of Chelly’s tent being set up (ironically, right next to a hot dog truck)!

Setting up the Chelly’s Cakes-n-Pastries tent – right beside the hot dog truck!

Chelly’s vegan Obama Cookies were a big hit.

Obama DNC Cookies by Chelly’s Cakes-n-Pastries …

Tuesday I attended Perez Hilton’s private Rock The Vote Party for the media at The Mez.  Free food, open bar, and awesome live performances by DJ Mia Moretti with electric violinist Caitlin Moe, plus a performance by Far East Invasion (“Like a G-6″).

The free drinks included WHATEVER you wanted, but they had three DNC “specials,” all made with vegan-friendly Absolut Vodka.  I stuck with the Gossip Gangster (really a Prickly Pear) – Absolut Pear vodka, grenadine, apple juice.

Getting Slizzard … the Vegan way

My partner chose a pink drink – DNC Celebration or DNC Revolution, I forget which – made with grapefruit juice.

Amrik got slizzard on the pink drinks. That’s ok, he’s very secure in his masculinity.

As we sat drinking our vegan-friendly alcohol, our group kept seeing waiters go by with trays of crabcakes and meat pizzas. People were walking by with hamburgers.  We asked one waiter if they had anything at all vegetarian, and if so, to please bring some to us!  He didn’t look at us like we were crazy but instead cheerfully kept coming our way with mushroom pizza, house made pimento cheese, and even these VEGAN appetizers – which were delish – hummus with marinated sundried tomatoes on pita rounds. He brought us several trays of these. I was so glad he did, because I’d seen trays of these hors doevers go by before and mistook the sundried tomatoes for bacon.  Oh, and lest I forget, there were Pringles.  Lots and lots of Pringles.

Vegan appetizers! VEGAN! And the waiter didn’t act like we were crazy!!!

Wednesday afternoon, my favorite restaurant, Bean Vegan Cuisine, proudly hosted the DNC Animal Rights Caucus sponsored by Lewis Goldstein and featuring members of Congress, leaders of the Local and National Humane Society, and PETA!

BEAN Vegan Cuisine

Here’s the somewhat dry, official description of the event:  “Organizational meeting and luncheon of a newly formed animal rights caucus. The goals are to set up a national organization of those concerned with the humane treatment of animals, to advocate for a plank in the DNC platform in favor of the humane treatment of animals and in favor of humane education, and to work with State and local political organizations in enacting resolutions for animal rights and to assist in having legislation passed. If a position on humane rights is not possible for this year’s platform the caucus will advocate for the Democratic National Committee to adopt a resolution similar to the one adopted by the New York State Democratic Committee in favor of the humane treatment of animals and in favor of humane education. The caucus will be working within the framework of the DNC and its platform. The caucus looks to have as part of its membership delegates from the 2012 DNC, grass root Democrats, members of Congress, other elected officials and animal rights organizations. Delegates from at least twelve states are attending. Featured participants include Congressmembers Eliot Engel (NY), Carolyn Maloney (NY) and Sam Farr (CA). Both are prominent Congressional leaders in advocating for animal rights. Also, Virginia State Chair Brian Moran will be a major participant. Other members of Congress are expected. One prominent participant is John Phillips, the former Executive Director of the New York League of Humane Voters.  Also Illinois State Senator James Clayborne, a strong advocate for animal rights and for legislation to protect the environment will be participating. In addition representatives from ASPCA, United States Humane Society, PETA, the Humane Society of Charlotte, North Carolina Voters for Animal Welfare are expected.”

Yay, Bean!  And yay, Charlotte!  I am soo proud of Charlotte for having a vegan restaurant to host this event!  I’m not sure where it could have been hosted if this event was last year – Bean has only been open a few months, and vegetarian restaurant Fern opened less than a year ago!

And speaking of Fern, Flavors from the Garden … Lou was dropping hints on her FB page about maybe preparing food for the most famous vegan at the DNC!  “Hmm…maybe Bill Clinton’s folks have viewed our vegan selections … Hmm…can’t say anything more!”

Wednesday night, former President Bill Clinton spoke. What was news to me was how AWESOME he looked – better than he did when he was much younger and in office! I’m guessing it’s his vegan diet, which was responsible for his 24-lb weight loss and reversing his heart disease.  His skin also seemed to have that “vegan glow.”  Even Anderson Cooper commented, “Bill Clinton’s speech was a good testament to a vegan diet. It makes me want to give it a try.”  This from Anderson – the guy that has never even tasted most green vegetables!

Whatever else you think about him, gotta admire that healthy vegan glow …

And because many vegetarians/vegans chose the lifestyle at least partly because of environmental reasons, I’ll share this:  The Boston Herald noted how dramatically more environment-friendly the DNC in Charlotte is, compared to the Republican convention. “The areas in and around Time Warner Cable Arena are filled with reusable water containers and refill stations, recycle bins and a display measuring uptown power usage. By comparison,” the Herald noted, “Tampa’s convention venue was filled with garbage bags of waste that could have been recycled.”

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