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Restaurant Review – Asiana Fusion Sushi

This is just a brief review, as I’ve only been to this restaurant once, for lunch.

However, my  experience was overwhelmingly positive!

Here are my thoughts:

  1.  It was busy and there were lots of Indians and Chinese eating there – always a good sign for an Indo-Chinese Fusion restaurant!
  2. The service was excellent.
  3. The sushi menu had 5 vegetarian rolls, some of them very creative! (Instead of the token avacado/cucumber roll every restaurant seems to have.)  For example, the Vegetable Futomaki – pickled radish, sweet gourds, cucumber, and inari.
  4. They offer a veg version of almost every item on the menu.
  5. If you order the veg version, they will automatically leave the fried egg out of their noodle and fried rice dishes.
  6. Portions are large and prices are small – most veg lunch dishes cost $6.  The veg sushi runs about $4.  (At dinner, most veg dishes cost $8-$9.)

I ordered the Singapore Noodles and they were absolutely delicious – and the only decent Singapore Noodles I’ve had since the excellent Saigon closed several years ago.

One location: 20601-107 Torrence Chapel Road, Cornelius, NC 28031

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