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Scruff, The Sometimes Vegan Wonder Dog

This is my dog, Scruffy.

Good Morning

Scruff isn’t vegan, but he does wear vegan shoes.

Daddy putting my shoes on me

Me and my Shoes

Scruffy also EATS vegan shoes.  As well as vegan socks and plastic flea combs.

Things I Have Chewed

Scruffy the destroyer

And catbeds …


… but not cats.

daddys boyScruffy idolizes his vegan dad.

i have new socks and you dont

Scruff is a picky eater, and has been known to turn his nose up at food.

He likes most of our vegan leftovers, though.

Scruffy Vegan Yogurt Eating

He especially likes homemade vegan yogurt – a whole bowl of it.

Scruffy Vegan Yogurt More More

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  1. loved this! Scruff is perfect!!… came across when looking for inspiration to continue transitioning to Veganism from Vegetarianism.

    thanks 🙂

  2. Where did you get his adorable shoes?

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