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What Vegan Food In Charlotte NC Looks Like …

Surf and Turf

Yep, Charlotte, NC now has vegan Surf and Turf – seitan “steak” and radish “scallops.”  This is what I had for dinner recently at Fern, Flavors From The Garden.

IF you live in Charlotte, you might want to check out this cool blog ….  I’m covering the veggie beat and doing restaurant reviews from a vegan point of view … here’s my review on Fern.  Eventually, I will be archiving the restaurant reviews on VegCharlotte, but they will be fresh and exclusive on Keep Charlotte Boring for a month first.  There will also be some hyper-local veg news … so, if you are living veg in Charlotte, NC – check it out!

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  1. Boy does that look good, but I’ll have to be satisfied with the photo. Charlotte’s a long commute from California:)

  2. As an almost vegan mom of a strictly vegan teen, I am so grateful for the many helpful options we have in Charlotte, including your blog! Thanks for the wisdom and support and encouragement.

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