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Brunch at Bean With Special Guests The Humane League!

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Today, members of VegCharlotte Meetup Group checked out Bean Vegan Cuisine’s new Brunch Menu.

Formerly, Bean had offered a weekly Sunday Brunch “special” … now, they have a Brunch Menu available all day on Sundays.

(You can still order off their regular menu, however, if you would rather have a hamburger.)

Bean Brunch Menu (Photo Credit:  Bean Vegan Cuisine)

Bean Brunch Menu (Photo Credit: Bean Vegan Cuisine)

I ordered the Bean Brunch Bowl of scrambled tofu, cheesy grits, home fries, two sausage patties, and a biscuit.  To quote Chef Charlie, “It’s good, ya’ll.”  Perhaps a bit on the mild side, but hey, this is Charlotte and Charlotte tends to like it mild.  Nothing that a bit of hot sauce couldn’t fix.

The Bean Brunch Bowl

The Bean Brunch Bowl

My next brunch visit I plan to order a la carte … perhaps the Waffle with Berry Compote, or just some sausage patties with my all-time favorite Bean brunch item – the Jalapeno-Cheddar Cornbread Muffins.  Simply amazing.  Oh, and the muffins also happen to be gluten-free.

Gluten-free Jalapeno Cheddar Cornbread Muffins

Gluten-free Jalapeno Cheddar Cornbread Muffins. (Photo Credit: Bean Vegan Cuisine)

Turnout for the Meetup was great!  We had two very special guests:  Andrea Gunn and David Coman-Hidy of the Humane League, an animal advocacy group with a special focus on farmed animals and vegetarianism/veganism.  David is the director of the organization (which also has offices in Dallas, Philadelphia, Boston, and New York City).  Andrea is here to open the Charlotte branch office.

How are they liking Charlotte so far?

Andrea says she was pleasantly surprised to see Charlotte already has a thriving vegetarian and vegan community.  (Charlotte’s public image, is, after all, one of bankers and BBQs.)

They were also impressed by Charlotte’s Southern hospitality!  Upon driving in late at night from Boston, Andrea and David were trying to locate her apartment within the complex.  Finally they saw some people to ask for help.  Andrea and David were both wearing Humane League T-shirts, which the young men noticed.

“Are you VEGAN?” one of the young men said.

“Why, yes, we are!”

The young men not only helped them find the apartment, but helped carry in luggage and offered a spare mattress!  What a great welcome!

David Coman-Hidy and Andrea Gunn of the Humane League!

David Coman-Hidy and Andrea Gunn of the Humane League!

Monday night I’ll be back at Bean again, this time to hear David’s presentation on “Effective Activism,”  hosted by another great Meetup group – Charlotte Animal Rights.

The Humane League also has a number of leafletting events planned.  Unfortunately, due to work schedules I probably won’t be able to volunteer at these, but if you live in Charlotte and it suits your schedule, why not give it a try?

–  Mon 9/9 @ 8am: UNC Charlotte
–  Tues 9/10 @ 6pm: NC Music Factory
–  Wed 9/11 @ 11am: Winthrop University
–  Wed 9/11 @ 6pm: NC Music Factory
–  Mon 9/16 @ 8am: Johnson and Wales
–  Wed 9/18 @ 8am: Stanly Community College
–  Fri 9/20 @ 7pm: NC Music Factory

Contact for more information.  Also, check out the Humane League’s Charlotte Facebook page, if you haven’t already!

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  1. My, Charlotte seems to be changing since I grew up there…for the better! I got take out from Bean once when we were driving back home from Charlotte to Atlanta and oh my geez, it was sooo good! I can’t even remember what we got but we ate it a truck stop about halfway between Charlotte and Atlanta and I just remember demolishing it. I definitely like the looks of that Sunday brunch menu…all those waffles!!

    • You may have gotten a burger … those are sooo good! Or their Crabby Patty … yum … or fried tofu which tastes like paneer! Charlotte is DEFINITELY changing! Went to a Welcome party for the Humane League last night and it’s just so exciting to see what is going on!!!

  2. The food looks so inviting..maybe its time to plan a trip to Charlotte:)

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