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Vegan Thanksgiving Options in Charlotte: Eco-Licious and Nourish

Well-Read Wednesday will return!  But Thanksgiving is fast approaching, so I wanted to make sure all local Charlotte vegans knew of their options!

Today I have two more:  Eco-Licious and Nourish.

Eco-Licious Storefront

Eco-Licious – The reason Charlotte has a VegFest

Many vegans have not heard of Eco-Licious, but if you’re vegan in Charlotte it’s a store you should definitely know. They bill themselves as “Charlotte’s first entirely vegan general store, grocery, and gift shop,” and specialize in “environmentally friendly, cruelty-free, and locally made products for you and your home.” It’s a great store to browse, and you can find many vegan products there you can’t find anywhere else, even Whole Foods or Earthfare.

Additionally, owners Marley and Fiona were the brains behind bringing “VegFest” to Charlotte!

Even if you don’t order your Thanksgiving dinner from them, I strongly encourage you to spend an hour sometime soon checking this little gem out.  

Eco-Licious is truly a rock star of Charlotte’s vegan movement.

But … Eco-Licious’ Thanksgiving menu!  (Despite the names (“quiche,” “sausage,” etc., it is ALL vegan!)

Choice of two mains  …

Quiche Lorraine – serves 6-8 … $28

Butternut Squash and Seitan Pot Pie with Pearl Onions and Kale – serves 4-6 – $40


Sourdough and Sausage Dressing with Apples, Pecans, and Raisins – $7.95 serves 2 – $13.95 serves 4.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts Casserole with Lemon-Cashew Bechamel and Panko Breadcrumbs – $9.95 serves 2 – $18.95 serves 4.

You must pre-order by Saturday, November 23rd!

Here’s a link to their website …

The second option I’m sharing is Nourish, Charlotte’s only vegan meal-delivery service. (Although they *may* turn vegetarian in 2014 – but let’s hope they come to their senses before then.)  The food is gooood (on a scale of 1-10, never had anything below an 8) and Chef Julia is truly one of the more creative vegan chefs I’ve run across.  The “cream” soups are incredible.

Their Thanksgiving menu was posted at noon today, and will probably be available for 24 – 48 hours.  Delivery will be next Tuesday, November 26.

Choose from two mains:

Pumpkin Studded Polenta Cakes with Roasted Veggies, Cranberry Drizzle, and Tuscan-Rosemary White Bean Stew – $21.95 for two servings.

You KNOW you want it!  Photo Credit:  Nourish

You KNOW you want it! Photo Credit: Nourish

Tempeh-Pecan-Mushroom Loaf with Tamari Glaze and Brussels Sprouts Au Gratin – serves two – $21.95 – or 1 serving for $11.95.

Or maybe you want this?  Drooooool!  Photo credit:  Nourish

Or maybe you want this? Drooooool! Photo credit: Nourish

And choose from two soups:

Butternut-Coconut Bisque with Caramelized Onions:  $10.95 for a large, $5.95 for a small

Pot Pie Stew with Peas, Carrots, Pearl Onions and Braised Tofu:  $10.95 for a large, $5.95 for a small.

Sides are:

Thanksgiving Candied Potato Salad with Local Sweet Potatoes, Cranberries, Pecans & Arugula – $10.95 or $5.95

Green Bean Casserole with Shitake Mushrooms & Shallots – $10.95 or $5.95

Orange-Cranberry-Pomegranate Compote:  $6.95 or $3.95.

They also have their Salad of the Week, a French Onion Dip, Breakfasts, and Desserts from local vegan bakeries …

The link to their weekly menu is here.

Two caveats:

There’s a $60 minimum order, so with delivery and tax you’ll most likely be spending $70 or more.

These menu slots fill up QUICKLY … if interested, you’ll need to order within the next 24 – 48 hours.  I’m serious … Nourish has some rabid fans!

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  1. This place looks amazing where I live we don’t even have a vegetarian restaurant

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