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Today’s Life Lesson

Today I had a lesson to NEVER assume others will do the right thing. I was in my real estate CE class and I noticed an older woman with a walker and a brace on her wrist entering the class and saying she needed some hot coffee. Because I’ve spent over half of my life being a caregiver, I immediately thought, “oh, no, that’s not good.” But there were so many other students in the break room I thought SURELY someone would help her out. But nope, they all walked back to their seats with their coffees and pastries. So I got up and went to the breakroom to see if she needed help. She did – not only to carry her coffee but to help herself to the provided breakfast. So I gathered her food and coffee and walked her back to the classroom. Because of her walker, she needed to sit at the end of a table and we needed to remove three or four chairs so she would be able to sit and have room for her walker. Did anyone help me as I was moving them? Nope.

I guess when people are so blinded to a human’s need for help, that explains why they are blinded to the animals. Sad. Never assume someone else will do the right thing. Do it yourself.

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  1. Having been a caretaker for many years, this doesn’t surprise me, but it saddens me.

  2. I learned not to assume people are like me in my marriage not only in terms of good deeds but everything else/ I cannot tell you how many times I said “Surely this, and surely they will stop that, surely they will appreciate this, surely they will wise up etc. etc.” An important and empowering lesson. Good for you for helping her.

    • Yes, it’s natural to think other people would react the same as you, isn’t it? But they don’t. I don’t feel like I did anything special by helping her – to me, it’s just basic human decency. She needed help and I could help.

  3. Isn’t that awful? It always amazes and saddens me how some people behave 😦 good for you for helping her x

  4. Lately, I’ve just been thinking that the lack of compassion is what is driving the crime rate up. If we could only have more compassion for each other the world would be such a better place.

  5. I’ve only been caretaker to my dad but I’ve always been like this when I’m out and about and see folks that need help.

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