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Thanksgiving 2014 Vegan Options in Charlotte, NC

Ethical Vegan

I’m an ethical vegan – I only eat carnivores

I hope everyone had a happy, healthy, and safe Halloween!

And now it’s … the day after Halloween. November 1st. Time to start thinking about … Thanksgiving!

For vegetarians and vegans, Thanksgiving has traditionally been one holiday we’re not … quite … so thankful for.

It’s hard to get excited about a holiday that’s nicknamed, “Turkey Day”; when the whole objective of the day gets twisted to mean indulging in mass gluttony at the expense of animals’ lives.

Then, too, there’s the stress of family gatherings, when your family may not be very understanding of your dietary needs – or they may just be clueless. It’s not much fun to sit munching on a dry salad while the rest of your family piles their plates high with slices of dead bird – and vegetables and casseroles made with bone broths, eggs, milk, cheese, and butter. And then goes back for seconds and thirds.

While you eat your … salad.

Wild Turkey Battery Park NY

A wild turkey in Battery Park, NY – Halloween 2011. The only way I enjoy turkey.

Or, maybe, family gatherings aren’t an issue. Maybe you are just having a small dinner at home. But maybe you’re new to veganism – or new to cooking. You’re not sure what to make, and your go-tos like pasta and stir-fries don’t seem too .. Thanksgiving-ish.

Or, possibly you are an excellent vegan chef. But you just don’t feel like cooking all day, darn it!

Or maybe you’re in a profession where you have to work on Thanksgiving – a nurse, perhaps? – and you don’t have to time to cook.  Yet you still want something special!

I am here to tell you that if you live in Charlotte, NC – start feeling thankful now, because you have plenty of options.

Love to cook? Great, I’ll be sharing many of my family’s traditional recipes – veganized!

Don’t want to cook – or want to cook a few dishes, but also pick up a few side dishes or dessert already made for you? You’ll have lots of options this year, including Bean Vegan Cuisine (which is both open Thanksgiving day for dinner AND is offering a preorder take-out option); an all-vegan Thanksgiving preorder from Fern, Flavors from the Garden; multiple options from Nourish, who is combining forces with Eco-Licious, Novel Sweets, Naked Tart, and Masa Casa for their pre-orders; Zizi’s Awesome Vegan to Go; and Whole Foods. I’ll be sharing all the yummy details with you over the next week or two!

Muggsy Pumpkin

I’m thankful I had my little Halloween pumpkin in my life for almost 19 years!



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  1. This will be my first Thanksgiving since totally giving up meet and most animal based products. Funny thing is I was never a big turkey fan to begin with. It was another one of those meats, along with beef, that I could never figure out what the big deal was.

    Anyway, will probably just be me and my mom but since mom will be doing the cooking, I can see how this is going to play out already. I’m thinking I’ll probably pick up a few things to take with me.

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