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Vegan Thanksgiving Options in Charlotte, Part IV: Eco-Licious

We’ve discussed the delicious vegan Thanksgiving offerings at Bean Vegan Cuisine and Fern, Flavors From The Garden.

But what if you want something that is … a little less traditional?

Something maybe a bit edgier?

Or a mix of classic and modern?

Like … oh, maybe tamales. With a side of green bean casserole.

Or a tart or a quiche for your main, with a whoopie pie for dessert.

Eco-Licious has got you covered.

This year, Eco-Licious has partnered with five (!) of Charlotte, NC’s top vegan companies for Thanksgiving pre-orders.

The Ethical Glutton is providing two flavors of tarts, Potato and Cashew “Chevre” with Parsley Walnut Pesto, or Butternut and Carmelized Onion with Cashew “Emmanthaler”. They are also providing two flavors of quiche – a classic Quiche Lorraine and a Mexicali Quiche.

The Masa Casa, Charlotte’s current “IT” food truck, is offering tamales (with a built-in steamer foil pan)! Butternut Masa Oyster Mushroom and Tempeh Mole, OR Butternut and Roasted Onion Masa Candied Pecans, Apple Compote, and Bleu “Cheeze.”

Fun fact about the Masa Casa!

At their debut at the 2014 Charlotte VegFest, several festival goers/blog readers were so convinced the Masa Casa’s “cheeze” was real they wrote to me venting they’d been “tricked” into eating dairy!

I assured them the Masa Casa is 100% vegan!

Side dishes are being offered by Nourish – Green Bean Casserole, Brussels Sprouts Au Gratin, Thanksgiving Candied Potato Salad, and Gravy. The Ethical Vegan is also offering a side of sourdough and sausage dressing with apples, pecans, and raisins.

The Naked Tart is offering four flavors of tarts – two “classic” flavors – Pecan or Sweet Potato, and two other flavors – Lemon and Chocolate.

And Novel Sweets is offering a variety of cupcakes and whoopie pies! Pumpkin cupcakes or whoopie pies, snickerdoodle whoopie pies, caramel apple cupcakes, or bourbon pecan cupcakes.

Serving Size Info: The mains and the quiche have 4-6 servings; the tamales 4-8 servings, gravy is 2 cups at 2-4 servings; small sides serve 1-2 and large serve 2-4; tarts are 9″ and serve 10-12.

You can start preordering NOW; I’ll have to check with my contact to determine the exact cutoff date/pickup times.

Fun fact about Eco-Licious!

While Bean is making waves for being the first “full” vegan grocery store in Charlotte, Eco-Licious has been selling a selection of vegan groceries, vegan personal care products, and eco-conscious gifts for several years!

So while you’re there picking up (or placing) your order, take some time to stroll around, pick up a few vegan goodies, and – maybe – get a head start on your Christmas shopping?!!

Eco-Licious Thanksgiving Preorder Menu

Next up in our series: An EXCLUSIVE sneak peak at Nourish’s Thanksgiving menu!


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  1. Knowing there are so many vegan options makes me want to come out and visit your city. šŸ™‚

  2. I’m starting to think I could survive happily in Charlotte (which is an option, work-wise, for us). Although I need to visit when it’s not winter and the trees aren’t so bare!

    • Oh, wow, it was last winter when you were here before, right? I would say, come in the spring, but you might have allergies, right? Charlotte is beautiful in the summer and the fall!

      • And dang fall is really beautiful this year. Maybe because we had a cooler than average summer? The leaves are more beautiful than I’ve ever seen … on par with leaf peeping in the mountains. Let me know next time you’re in Charlotte and I can show you all the beautiful things about the city

      • We were there in January. Husband’s company has a huge complex there and it’s on our possible relocation list, should opportunity arise. I would love to see the city in warmer, greener, weather. Allergies for me seem worse in dry climates, go figure. I got SO lost driving around Charlotte on my own, but I had fun doing it. šŸ™‚ Plus we found Bean and Trader Joe’s, so we managed to eat pretty well outside of business dinners!

  3. Reblogged this on Vegan Bikini Doc and commented:
    If you’re living in Charlotte, NC or surrounding cities, etc. here is some great information regarding began Thanksgiving menu options!!!

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