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Scuppernong Season In The South

September again … And every September I realize I have friends who have not yet experienced muscadines or scuppernongs


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Today I want to share something with you that I think of as not only quintessentially September, but quintessentially North Carolina.

Muscadines, Scuppernongs, and Scuppernong Wine.

If you’re not from around these here parts, you probably don’t know what I’m talking about, because muscadines are a type of wild-growing grape that is native only to the Southern States of America, and most prolific in the North Carolina Tidewater region.

Muscadines are different from other grapes.  They are freakin’ HUGE, for one thing.  They also don’t grow in clusters, like grapes.  You just shake them off the vines like berries.  The taste is haunting, sweet yet musky.  The skin is inedible – well, I take that back, you COULD eat the skin, you just wouldn’t want to.

To eat a muscadine or scuppernong, pop one whole in your mouth and shut your lips tightly.  Bring the roof of your mouth…

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