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Mardi Gras Recipe Roundup for Fat Tuesday

Can you believe it’s already Fat Tuesday?

And can you believe this year Fat Tuesday is on February 13th, which means it’s followed by Ash Wednesday on February 14th – Valentine’s Day?  Yep, the kickoff of Lent – a season of fasting, abstinence, and avoiding temptation – falls on the same day devoted to gorging on chocolates, getting tipsy, wearing naughty lingerie, spending way too much on fancy dinners and jewelry – plus flirtations and temptations of all kinds! Should be interesting!

I do have a few new Creole-inspired recipes for you, but Carnival really snuck up on me this year! So I will share them later this month! In the meantime, here’s a recap of some classic New Orleans recipes and the history behind them.

New Orleans Red Beans and Rice Vegan

A History of New Orleans Red Beans and Rice


Red Beans and Rice – The Recipe


A Brief History of Jambalaya


Balayez! Jambalaya! (Five Vegan Variations)

New Orleans Dirty Rice Vegan

Not So Dirty Rice

Finally, as we move into the Lenten Season when many people give up meat for 40 days – don’t forget this is an awesome opportunity to be an ambassador for the animals and the environment. Resist the temptation to preach, to immediately give a dozens reasons “why.” Instead, become the go-to resource. Let others taste your food. Share recipes, cookbooks, your favorite blogs. Advise where to eat out and what to order. Once you become a trusted expert, some of these 40-day vegans, vegetarians, and pescaterians will be more open to having a deeper conversation.

In the meantime, Laissez les bons temps rouler! (Let the good times roll!)


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