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Mary’s Mojito (Watermelon/Strawberry/Mint Smoothies – Pink and Green Versions)

Marys Mojitos Pink and Green Version

Back to Vegan Mofo 2018 again after Hurricane Florence!

In my last post I wrote about creating a smoothie inspired by my Great Aunt Martha.

Today, I write about the smoothie inspired by my Great Aunt Mary.

Martha and Mary were less than two years apart in age and were as close as twins. Two peas in a pod. When they were children, they would go out wearing the same coat, their arms around each other’s waist, Mary’s arm in the left sleeve, Martha’s arm in the right. Neither married and they lived together until Mary’s death.

Yet, the two sisters could not have been more different.

Martha was outgoing, talkative, feisty. She liked to cook and write and the color teal. Appearance-wise, she looked a bit of the absent-minded professor or a Jo March.

Mary was quiet, loved to sew, the color pink, and kittens. She was “neat as a pin from the day she was born,” according to Martha, and had great attention to detail. If her off-the-rack suit from Ivey’s Department Store seemed like couture, it’s because she knew exactly how to take in the waist just so or alter the sleeves that perfect half-inch. She was constantly chasing after Martha to tuck in her blouse or change her shoes.

Mary was also the kindest person I ever knew. Kids and animals loved her. I never heard her say a bad word about anyone. And even though she seemed to have more than her fair share of physical ailments, I never heard her complain. Like many very quiet, very kind people, I think she had a very deep inner strength.

Mary also had a sense of humor. She loved comic strips (the “funnies”). Peanuts was a long-time favorite. And we were both wild about Calvin & Hobbes. She’d often cut out strips from the Charlotte Observer and save them for me, to make sure I’d read them.

She could also laugh at herself. She received exactly one speeding ticket in her life, and was utterly mortified. Of course, the family thought this hysterical as our sweet, quiet, careful Mary was the last person anyone would suspect of being a wild, reckless driver. Wits called her “Richard Petty.” She’d mimic his drawl, totally deadpan, “I blowed a tar,” or make some reference about “burnin’ rubbah.”

For those readers who do not live in the Southern United States, Charlotte is the NASCAR capital, and Richard Petty the NASCAR driver who was the undisputed “King.” The sport of NASCAR evolved from moonshine runners back during Prohibition, who had to outrun the authorities in highly customized, but “normal” looking “stock” cars. Yep, Charlotte is an interesting city, all right – the land of banks, churches, fast cars, and a moonshine past.

Anyway, in creating a smoothie for Mary I knew, first of all, it had to be pink. Watermelon and strawberries make just about the prettiest pink drink you can imagine.  In fact, you could stop right there and have a good smoothie, with maybe just a pinch of salt and a squeeze of lime. But Mary was all about the details, so I decided to add mint, turning it into a mojito. And for the green version, I added a mix of baby spinach and spring greens – although baby spinach would work just fine. Do try to use baby greens, though – the taste is more delicate and elegant than adult leaves.

I also think she’d be amused that I named her smoothie a “Mojito.” Who knows? Maybe when Mary was “burnin’ rubbah” in her Buick, she was transporting pink mojitos!

Mary’s Mojito (Pink Version)

Marys Mojito Pink 2Ingredients:

2 Cups Chopped, Chilled Watermelon

1 Cup Frozen Strawberries (You can use fresh summer ones, just wash and freeze before using)

Pinch of Sea Salt (only a few grains)

Juice of 1/2 Lime

A Few Fresh Mint Leaves


Add all ingredients to the blender and blend.

UNLESS … your blender is small; in that case blend the watermelon first. It will liquefy and take up much less space in your blender, so you’ll have room for the other ingredients. Then add the other ingredients and blend again.

Mary’s Mojito (Green Version)

Marys Mojito GreenIngredients:

2+ Cups Chopped, Chilled Watermelon

1-2 Cups Baby Spinach or Baby Spinach/Spring Greens mix

1 Cup Frozen Strawberries (You can use fresh summer ones, just wash and freeze before using)

Pinch of Sea Salt (only a few grains)

Juice of 1/2 Lime

Up to 1/8 Cup Fresh Mint Leaves


Add watermelon and greens to blender. Blend.

Add all other ingredients and blend again.

If you need more liquid, add a few more watermelon chunks and blend again.

Prince Harry with Mary Mojitos

Prince Harry is my official Smoothie Inspector.


If you want to try this recipe, try it soon! Right now watermelons are still plentiful in Charlotte and still have that sweet, summer taste. Winter melons are not as flavorful.

Don’t feel like futzing around cutting a huge watermelon? A personal size watermelon is perfect for this. You could also buy a pre-sliced wedge, or a box of pre-cut watermelon chunks. (I don’t advise buying pre-cut chunks if you are watching your budget; you really pay a BIG markup for the convenience.)

If you use frozen strawberries (instead of fresh strawberries you have chilled or frozen yourself), be aware the pink version will be a bit darker – more of a pinkish-red than a vibrant pink. It’s still a pretty color!

Note that we used more mint in the green smoothie than in the pink one. As a general rule, once you add greens to a smoothie, you’ll need to add both more liquid and more herbs.

Finally, in case you were wondering – no, I have not tried adding a splash of white rum to these mojitos! But if you do, please tell me how that was!

Mary and Mimi

I couldn’t find a picture of me with Mary, but here she is with one of my poodles, Mimi. Every time Mary came to the house, Mimi made a beeline to sit on her lap.

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  1. The mix of strawberries and watermelon sounds heavenly

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