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October World

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” – L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

It’s October … yaaaaas!

I wanted to alert everyone to a few changes I’ve made to my blog.

An intrepid reader alerted me that, although the drop-down arrow was still there, the “Vegan Recipes” label had mysteriously disappeared from the menu. As had the “Recipes” category on the body of the home page. I can only imagine that made it very difficult for my readers to locate recipes, and for that I apologize. I believe I have everything sorted out again. If anyone is still having trouble searching recipes, please contact me.

I have also added a new item to the menu – “Autumn”. Click here and you will find all my Autumn-related posts – from seasonal product reviews like Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Rolls

Trader Joes Pumpkin Rolls 3

to Halloween recipes like these “Kheema” Stuffed Bell Peppers


to recipes using seasonal produce, like winter squash, mushrooms, sweet potatoes, apples – like this Sweet and Spicy Curried Butternut Squash.

Sweet and Spicy Curried Butternut Squash

Of course, many recipes can qualify as “autumn” … such as almost any soup or chili, or most Indian dishes with their warming spices. So a few recipes I added were subjective. For example, baked spaghetti. I love this, but not in the hot humid heat of summer. But as soon as the temperature here dips into the 70’s, you can bet I’m making a big ol’ pan of this and eating it all week. (OK, this photo shows it on a Christmas plate – point is it’s something I never make during the summer – only when it turns cooler in the fall and winter.)

Vegan Baked Spaghetti

Finally, I am going to be blogging about other things – for example, I started a true-life ghost story for the month of October. I’ve also flirted around with some organizational posts, because that’s an area of my life I’m seriously working on right now. Of course there will ALWAYS be PLENTY of vegan recipes and product reviews (because, I love to cook and I love to eat). But I guess I’m just at a point in my life when being vegan is second nature and not always something I consciously think about, 24/7. There are other things I’d like to say and share. Yes, it will all still be filtered through a vegan viewpoint, because vegan is not just a diet, it’s a way of life. My hope is that it might give some newbies a fuller picture of being vegan.

Let me know how you feel about the changes! Hopefully this is all positive!

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