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Suicide Smoothie

No, this smoothie does not contain cyanide!

The name comes from those drinks children make at the soda fountain, combining ALL the soda flavors into one big cup.

Which is sorta what I do with this smoothie. I usually make it on Sunday – or whatever day I do my weekly grocery shopping or place my delivery order. It’s a great way to use up odds and ends, check my food inventory, and clear up some space in the fridge and freezer.

The result is always different – sometimes good, sometimes not so good. And then there are those days I find a keeper – but can’t really recall how I put it all together!

Basic Template:

Leafy Greens

One to two cups. I usually alternate between spinach, a spinach mix, a baby kale mix, and collards. (Two varieties per week.) By the end of the week, though, I am usually running low on greens. For the suicide smoothie, I’ll use whatever I still have on hand. I might mix the spinach with the collards. I’ll even use salad greens – romaine, iceberg – if I need to.


One cup. I examine the bottles and cartons in my fridge to see what’s running low. Orange juice, apple juice, and honestly almost any kind of fruit juice usually works well in a suicide smoothie, as does coconut water. But I’ve also used lemonade, limeade, and sweet tea. Using almond, soy, or oat milk can be iffier. And, of course, I don’t advise using anything carbonated!

Fresh Fruit

I check my fridge and countertop for little bits of fruit – a few lonely berries in a box, the remaining good grapes on a bunch that’s getting shrivelly, the remainder of some fruit salad, an apple that’s beginning to look a little wan, a banana that needs to be eaten immediately or frozen.

Frozen Fruit

Next, it’s to my freezer looking for bags of frozen fruit with just a little remaining in the bag.

Between Fresh Fruit and Frozen Fruit, you’ll want to have approximately one and a half cups.

Note: We are using the remnants of fruit and just barely not-so-fresh fruit here; do NOT use anything furry, moldy, smelly, or otherwise way past its prime in any way.


Veggies are optional. I really don’t care for veggies in my smoothies. I’ve already got leafy greens going on and I’m never going to be the girl that adds broccoli to her smoothies – ewwww! However, if I have an inch or two of cucumber left over from salads and sandwiches I’ll throw that in. (Cucumber is nice and mild.) Carrots are sweet so a baby carrot or two can also work well.

Herbs and Spices

Totally optional. If you’re getting a “feel” for where the smoothie is going, you might add fresh herbs – especially if you have some that are beginning to get a bit droopy. But when in doubt, leave the herb out! Two herbs/spices I find play really well with most smoothie ingredients: Fresh ginger and mint.

To Make The Smoothie

Blend the liquid and the leaves.

Add the fruit and blend again.

Take a deep breath, gather up your courage, close your eyes, and taste. Adjust if you need to. Do you need more liquid? Is it too sweet – add some lemon or lime juice. Too sour? Add a sweet fruit or fruit juice.

So What Was In This Smoothie?

This smoothie wasn’t my finest moment, but wasn’t too bad! Some spinach and some spring mix. Lemonade. A spotted banana, a small apple, a peach getting a little too soft. One strawberry and six blueberries. A kiwi starting to wrinkle. Some frozen pineapple to empty the bag. And because I suspected it would be a bit sweet from the lemonade, a little fresh ginger.

I hope this has inspired you to create your own Suicide Smoothies, save a little money, and reduce your food waste!

Mom, Are You Sure You Should Drink This?
Mom, Are You Sure You Should Drink This?

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