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We’re always being chided about “don’t drink your calories” and reminded the quickest way to save money is to cut the wine, cola, juices, etc. and just drink water.

But you know what?

Water is f*cking boring.

Let’s say you have a choice of your favorite IPA (mine is Noda’s Hop Drop, I swear it’s the most perfect beer in the world!) OR water.

The beer is served in a tall chilled mug. It will give you a buzz, tingle your taste buds, and do a little fizzy happy dance in your mouth.

The water is tap water, served in a red plastic cup, no ice. It’s … hydrating.

Water is basically one of those things you check off in your Happy Planner. It’s a health chore, like taking your vitamins.

Which one do you choose?

But now let’s imagine you have a choice of a Hop Drop – OR your favorite soda in an old fashioned glass bottle.

Queen City Grounds. Cheerwine is not a wine, just the most cherry tasting soda imaginable. And a North Carolina native like me.

Or maybe a black cherry flavored sparkling water poured over crushed ice and served in a real glass with a (reusable) straw.

Or a steaming, fragrant cup of tea.

Tea Party in a cemetery in Avebury, England. Most enjoyable cup of tea ever, no alcohol needed.

Or hot coffee, flavored with your favorite non-dairy creamer – vanilla? hazelnut? caramel? mocha? pumpkin spice? – maybe served in one of your travel souvenir mugs that just brings back ALL the memories.

Suddenly, you can imagine yourself choosing other options besides your favorite alcoholic drink.

See where I’m going with this? Instead of just removing alcohol, replace it with something enjoyable.

Water is healthy, I always look and feel my best when I’m drinking plenty of it, but it’s not fun. Yeah, I’ll gratefully guzzle a bottle after a workout, but I’ll never cuddle up to a bottle of water watching Netflix. (So far this January, I’ve cuddled up to Netflix with cups of cocoa and vegan marshmallows.)

You can’t take something enjoyable out of your life and replace it with something “meh.”

Alcohol can be a literal and figurative headache, but let’s face it, it’s always enjoyable at first. We view it as a treat, as a reward. Often, the only reason I don’t tell my boss to f*ck off I’m able to keep a polite, respectful demeanor with my boss is because I’m thinking about that glass of wine at the end of the day. Or that shot of Irish whiskey. Granted, a cup of tea or a tropical smoothie won’t give you a buzz like alcohol, but they will still be a treat, something special, a little reward.

Totally non-alcoholic but delicious smoothie!

Like my JRT mix Scruffy (who leaps from tall buildings in single bound!) always says, YOLO! (You only live once.) Life is too short not to have daily treats. Treat yourself like you’re special, because you are!

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  1. As usual I enjoyed your article with your sense of humor sprinkled throughout. Happy dry January!

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