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The Sandwiches at Plant Joy – Charlotte, NC

Recently, the all-vegan and very playful Plant Joy celebrated a major milestone – turning ONE! This is incredible because they opened shop in the middle of a pandemic, and not only survived but THRIVED!

Much has been written about their famous Falafel Towers and Falafel Mountains (Plant Joy’s creative take on nachos, using falafel and pita chips); their amazing weekend brunches; and their Quiche Du Jours.

But I thought their sammies needed some love. Charlotte, NC has lots of great vegan sandwiches – just check out Bean and Deli St., for starters – but not a lot of vegan sandwiches that aren’t wraps or aren’t pretending to be meat. Plant Joy’s sandwiches are unabashedly plant-based and in-your-face joyful about it.

The “Grilled Greens”

This one is my fave. I am officially addicted. Admittedly, “Grilled Greens” is not the most appetizing name, and IMHO Plant Joy doesn’t do the best job of describing it on their menu. So let me give it a try:

“Thick but light bread grilled to a golden brown crunchiness and just ever so slightly greasy. House made tomato jam that is both sweet and tart. Melty, creamy, salty vegan Feta cheese and just a touch of tangy Kimchi Ranch dressing, which gives the sandwich a little extra zing. All of the textures and tastes meld together so beautifully in your mouth it’s easy to forget you’re also eating a healthy serving of greens.”

The “Mershroom Croissant”

Golden, “buttery”, flaky croissant, piled high with creamy, juicy mushrooms. Thin slices of radish add color, crunch, and just a hint of sharpness. Finally, it’s topped with peppery microgreens. This is another Plant Joy sandwich that hits all the marks of taste, texture, and eye appeal.

Yes, it’s a little messy. But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best sandwiches are.

The “Yam And Cheese”

Plant Joy describes this grilled sandwich as a “sweet potato plank smoked and roasted,” combined with chorizo tempeh and chive “cheese” from Viva Raw. It somehow manages to taste like yam and cheese while simultaneously tasting like ham and cheese! This one was a particular favorite amongst the men in my VegCharlotte posse, who commented on the “bold taste” and also noted it was “very filling.”

The “Veggie Gyro”

The most “classic” sandwich offered. A generous portion of seasonal veggies marinated and chargrilled, but still maintaining some crunchiness and juiciness! (Nothing worse than limp veggies!) Served with VEGAN tzatziki and wrapped in a pita with some “leaves.” Probably the “lightest” sandwich option on the menu. If you’re hungrier, Plant Joy has a wide variety of side orders.

My Favorite Side Orders With Sammies

Soup Du Jour

OK, without a doubt my favorite side to add to a sammie is the Soup Du Jour. Soup and a sandwich is a classic combination for a reason! One of my favorite soups is the Minestrone. It’s a bit different in that is more vegetable-broth based than the usual tomato-y broth based. However, you can see it is absolutely loaded – nay, OVERLOADED – with vegetables! I always feel so incredibly healthy eating this. Like it will somehow negate all the Sour Patch kids I ate earlier in the day.

Pickle Plate

No, we are NOT talking about dill pickles. If you are from the South, you know our grandmas used to love to pickle everything and anything. If you’re familiar with Indian or Mediterranean food, you know pickles are often served as an accompaniment to food – your choice to add it to the food, smear it on the bread, or eat on the side. I’d wager a bite of pickled okra eaten alongside a sandwich can easily take the place of three or four potato chips. If you are only familiar with dill pickles, I’d recommend giving this pickle plate a try. As my dog Scruffy would have said – YOLO! – you only live once.

Speaking of dogs, Camp North End, where Plant Joy is located, is very dog-friendly!

Location & Hours

1801 North Graham Street
Suite 101
Charlotte, NC


WEDNESDAY 11am – 8pm
THURSDAY 11am – 8pm
FRIDAY 11am – 9pm
SATURDAY 11am – 10pm
SUNDAY BRUNCH 11am – 3pm

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