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Product Review: Amy’s Split Pea Soup

Amys Split Pea Soup Can

It’s a lovely summer we’re having this winter!

After Charlotte’s typically chilly January, February brought us temps in the 70’s – even the upper 70’s – almost every day, with some cooler nights. I believe the change from warm to cold, and alternating between heat and air conditioning, plays a part in all the colds and flu Charlotteans are getting. (The pollen from all the flowering trees and shrubs probably doesn’t help, either!)

I keep a small stash of canned and boxed soups, just in case I feel “under the weather.” They come in very handy when I don’t feel up to cooking!

This week, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite soups with you.

Amy’s Organic Soups: Split Pea

I love split pea soup, so it’s not surprising that this one is my favorite of all the Amy’s soups. It’s creamy. It’s comforting. It’s hearty. You won’t feel the need to eat a sandwich with it, although a piece of toast is nice. The texture is close to homemade – it hasn’t been  pureed into absolutely smooth glop.  You can also taste the bay leaf and basil.

Amys Split Pea Soup 2

Amy’s Split Pea Soup, Out Of The Can

The soup is easy to prepare – no water or “milk” to add. And the BPA-free cans have a handy pop-top lid. So it’s shake, pop, pour, heat, and eat.

Punch up the flavor a bit by adding a little freshly ground pepper. If you grew up eating split pea soup made with ham, try swirling in a spoonful of imitation bacon bits. (Yes, many brands are vegan!)

Amys Split Pea Soup Bacon Pepper

Amy’s Split Pea Soup With Black Pepper and Vegan Bacon Bits added

Amy’s makes two varieties of split pea soup – regular (pictured here) and a Light in Sodium version. The two are exactly the same, except one has 50% less sodium and therefore, does not taste as salty.

Below is the nutrition label from the can. Keep in mind one can is two servings. Possibly you might split the can if you’re having a cup of soup with a sandwich. But if you want a bowl of soup you’ll likely be eating the whole can.

Amys Split Pea Soup Nutrition Label_edited-1

Also, look carefully at the ingredients listing. Amy’s makes both vegan and vegetarian soups. If a soup is vegan, it will be clearly labeled as such with the word (VEGAN) right before the individual ingredients are listed. If it’s gluten-free, that will be marked right beside the GMO statement box. I’ve highlighted the photo so you can see exactly what I mean. It certainly makes grocery shopping faster!

Finally, Amy’s Organic Soups can be a little pricey, depending on where you shop. I’ve seen them retail for as high as $3.50 a can. However, they do go on sale frequently. (Harris Teeter has them on sale this weekend for 2/$4.00 for VIC card customers.) A quick Google search today also showed you can purchase online for $2.19 at Thrive or Amazon.

If you want to try making your own homemade pea soup, here’s my favorite recipe for Southern Split Pea Chowder.

Split Pea Chowder

A bowl of my homemade Split Pea Chowder.


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