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Hotel Room Avocado Toast – And Other COVID19 Travel Tips

In these times of COVID, you have to be creative when traveling.

Hotels Don’t Offer Breakfast Buffets Anymore. If you’re lucky, they might offer a “grab and go” breakfast consisting of a bottle of water, an apple, and a (probably non-vegan) cereal bar. So bring your own breakfast. A box of cereal and an aseptic container of plant milk. Packets of instant oatmeal or grits that you can add hot water to from your in-room coffee maker.

Hotels Have Removed Microwaves From Guest Rooms. So forget about relying on frozen dinners. And if you want to reheat a piece of leftover pizza, you’ll have to use the blowdryer. (Laugh, but it works.)

Restaurants Are Unpredictable. Some restaurants have closed – permanently. Some restaurants have closed – temporarily. Some restaurants are only open on certain days of the week (oops, not the day you’re in town). Some restaurants open late and close early (not good if you’re a tourist trying to make the most of daylight hours).

Booze May Be Banished. Some places (like Charlotte!) have banned bars and limited the hours restaurants can serve drinks. Other restaurants are doing take out food only, no drinks. If you like to relax with a drink on vacation, bring your own craft beer, bottle of wine, or the makings of your favorite cocktail. And then have happy hour in your own hotel room.

Always Bring Food With You. We’ve discussed breakfast. Look in your kitchen and your fridge and take any easy-to-eat and prep perishables. Leftovers, fruit, bread, salad veggies. You may not eat everything you take, but one thing is for sure – if you take a week-long trip and leave this food at home, no one is EVER going to eat it.

Better Ate Than Never. Be practical, though. You’re not likely to be making spaghetti squash or baked potatoes in your microwave-free hotel room. Consider giving any food you can’t use to a neighbor or coworker.

Here’s How The Avocado Toast Came About!

Two 3-day-old biscuits, split in half and warmed with the hotel room blow dryer. (Makes four pieces of toast.)

One avocado, peeled, pitted, sliced/diced and mashed with a fork.

Then mix in:

Three or four chopped green onions from the salad veggies we brought. (Fun fact! You won’t smell onions on your partner’s breath if you’ve BOTH been eating them!)

A little cilantro. Yes, take your fresh herbs on trips with you! If nothing else, you can crumble them into your water bottle and make a detox water.

Sea salt – I always carry a small salt grinder with me. Indispensable on trips! The times I forget my sea salt are always the times Wendy’s and Cookout forget to salt my fries.

Lime Juice and Fresh Limes – Left over from our Moscow Mules (new favorite cocktail).

So! By using slightly stale biscuits, a little creativity, and a blow dryer I made a healthy, tasty, filling breakfast that would have cost $14 per person (2 pieces of toast each) in a restaurant!

Do Vegan Biscuits Exist? Yes! If you don’t want to make biscuits from scratch, you can use Bisquik mix. Or there are several brands of refrigerated biscuits, such as Annie’s. Store brands are more likely to be vegan. Look for “Original” and then flip to the ingredients to see if milk is listed as an allergen. The only Pillsbury “accidentally vegan” biscuit I’m aware of is the Original Southern Homestyle Grands.

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  1. I had no idea some hotels had removed microwaves! I will ask if I ever travel again. Thanks for the warning! And while not biscuits, Pillsbury crescent rolls are accidentally vegan ask are the Kroger, Aldi and Wal Mart brands.


  1. Gnome Cafe – Charleston, SC – VegCharlotte

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