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Zada Janes Corner Cafe Charlotte NC

Zada Jane’s Corner Cafe

July 28, 2014

Zada Jane’s Corner Cafe (located in a former dry cleaners on Central Avenue in Charlotte, NC) is one of those bright, funky, Southern-style, breakfast-all-day places, similar to The Flying Biscuit or Tupelo Honey. Similar, but not the same. Zada Janes has far, far more vegetarian and vegan offerings than the Charlotte Tupelo Honey.  In fact,… Read More ›

If You’re Vegan, Don’t Eat At Tupelo, Honey!

Tupelo Honey is a rock star of a restaurant, one of those that inspires a cult following.  The original is located in Asheville (vegan and vegetarian capital of North Carolina) and offers “Nuveau Southern cuisine.” (Their misspelling, not mine.) Tupelo Honey has seven locations in North Carolina and Tennessee, two cookbooks, and a huge reputation… Read More ›

Restaurant Review – Treetops Cafe at Doubletree Hotel by Hilton – Charlotte Airport

Sometimes, somewhere, some place when I least expect it … I have an unexpectedly wonderful vegan dining experience! Most recently that happened at the Treetops Cafe at the Doubletree Hotel by Hilton – Charlotte Airport. I was taking a two-day financial seminar at the hotel.  The first day of the seminar was gray, cold, and… Read More ›

Hickory Tavern – Not For Vegans or The Allergic

First of all, let me say I am well aware that many restaurants do not cater to vegetarians or vegans. And I am also aware that sometimes, I have to eat at one of those places. Because it’s a work function or because it’s someone’s birthday/baby shower/going away party and they (rightly) get to choose… Read More ›

Fern Is For Foodies

It’s so cool that Charlotte, NC is now big enough to have several veggie restaurants … each with their own distinct personality! There’s Bean Vegan Cuisine – down home Southern cooking in a diner-type atmosphere.  Zizi’s – soul food deli takeout.  Luna’s Living Kitchen – exquisite raw vegan food.  Berrybrook Farm – homey, healthy sandwiches… Read More ›

Restaurant Review – Flying Biscuit Cafe

The Flying Biscuit Cafe is a Southern diner, but it’s not your mother’s Southern diner.  It has all the old, familiar standbys – fried green tomatoes, collards, grits, breakfast all day – but it’s got a bright, funky, crowded vibe.  Lines and the wait to be seated can be long, especially for weekend brunch.  People… Read More ›

Restaurant Review – Sir Edmund Halley’s

Sir Edmund Halley’s is one of Charlotte’s best-kept vegetarian secrets. Hardly any vegans or vegetarians I meet have been there. Maybe because it is a little hard to find, hidden in the shops behind Park Road Shopping Center.  You can’t see Sir Edmund Halley’s from the street and even if you’re walking through the shopping… Read More ›

The Bean Has Landed

BEAN. Charlotte’s very first all-vegan, sit-down restaurant.  If you’re not familiar with Charlotte, NC and its steak houses and BBQs and local yokels endlessly carrying on about bacon, you don’t understand just how truly groundbreaking Bean is.  Trust me, it is a very big deal – history in the making! Bean had its “soft” opening… Read More ›

Restaurant Review – Zebra

NOTE: Zebra’s has closed. In a very ironic twist of fate (or perhaps karma), Living Kitchen, a mostly-raw, vegan restaurant, opened in their space May 1, 2017.  Foie gras has just been banned in California! Unfortunately, it’s still legal – and popular – in North Carolina.  Which prompts me to write a review – or rather… Read More ›

Restaurant Review – Zizi’s – Deli Takeout

If you’re vegan – or vegetarian – you’ve had this experience before. You’re in a restaurant, looking over a menu, trying to find the one or two options available to you.  Of course, there’s always salad … and oh, there’s the ubiquitous black bean burger again … maybe you can put a couple of side dishes together… Read More ›

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