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trader joes chickenless strips

Product Review: Trader Joe’s Chicken-less Strips

May 19, 2015 • Product Reviews

Trader Joe’s Chicken-Less Strips. They’re cheap, but are they tasty? And can you chew them?

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Frugal Vegan: Hummus 101

(2) hummus

Why spend your money on overpriced hummus at grocery stores and restaurants when it’s so cheap and easy to make your own?

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Restaurant Review: Chuy’s Mexican Food

(7) Chuys Veggie Enchiladas

Chuy’s is a fun, kitschy Tex-Mexican restaurant located on the outskirts of SouthPark Mall (in the space formerly occupied by M5). It’s a restaurant Charlotte vegans should know about. It’s notable for two reasons: Chuy’s is a veg-friendly, moderately-priced restaurant in the notoriously expensive, un-veg-friendly SouthPark neighbhorhood; and Chuy’s is completely transparent. Everything is exactly… Read More ›

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Weight Watchers Versatile Vegetarian

(4) Versatile Vegetarian

Don’t let the title fool you – about 75% of the recipes are vegan, or could easily be made vegan. The emphasis is on beans, grains, and veggies – no fake meats and very little soy and nuts. Quite a variety of ethnic influences – Italian, Greek, Mexican,Indian.

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David In The South: In France They Speak French (Review and Interview)

(0) David In The South: In France They Speak French

Charlotte, NC vegan musician David In The South has released an eclectic, uplifting, and blues-tinged LP, “In France They Speak French.” Here’s a review of the EP as well as an interview with David.

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Dal Makhani (Vegan, Gluten Free)

(5) dal makhani in spoon

Dal Makhani is a decadent Indian dal, made from creamy black lentils and lots and lots of butter and cream. My version is completely dairy-free with considerably less calories, yet is still creamy and satisfying.

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