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Man with Horrified Look

Omnivores Say The Darndest Things!

August 17, 2014 • Living Vegan

First, a disclaimer.  Most omnivores are lovely people.  They may not understand the dietary and ethical choices I have made, but they respect them.  Most of the time, they ask reasonable, intelligent questions about my diet and I’m happy to provide answers. This post is not about those omnivores. This post is about the others… Read More ›

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Easiest Ever Okra Etouffee! (Vegan, Gluten Free)

(0) Okra Etouffee

Okra can be a perplexing little vegetable. Cook it the same way you would most other vegetables, and you’re likely to wind up with a slimy mess. Frying it (whether in the breaded style of the American South, or the unbreaded, spice-laden style of India’s Bhindi Masala) yields delicious results but can take some serious… Read More ›

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Vegans In America Can Finally Get Nakd!

(9) Cat and Nakd Bars

I was intrigued when I was contacted about doing a review in return for a free mixed box of Nakd Bars – a brand of raw fruit and nut bars that are popular in England and are now crossing the Atlantic. Yes, you can now get Nakd in America! This is why I was intrigued:… Read More ›

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Zada Jane’s Corner Cafe

(2) Zada Janes Corner Cafe Charlotte NC

Zada Jane’s Corner Cafe (located in a former dry cleaners on Central Avenue in Charlotte, NC) is one of those bright, funky, Southern-style, breakfast-all-day places, similar to The Flying Biscuit or Tupelo Honey. Similar, but not the same. Zada Janes has far, far more vegetarian and vegan offerings than the Charlotte Tupelo Honey.  In fact,… Read More ›

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HappyCow Cookbook Giveaway and Road Trip To Luna’s Living Kitchen – Charlotte, NC

(11) Happy Cow Cookbook

Hello, everyone!  I was thrilled to be asked to be your tour guide for the day as part of the HappyCow Road Trip Blog Tour! Today I want to welcome everyone to Charlotte, North Carolina and take you on a visit to one of my favorite vegan restaurants – Luna’s Living Kitchen!  Afterwards, I’ll briefly review… Read More ›

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Frugal Friday – Vegan Birthday Freebies

(12) Happy Birthday to Me

Recently, I celebrated another birthday.  (Which, for those who are wondering, puts me somewhere in between “younger than springtime” and “older than dirt.”) A long time ago, when we were both vegetarians, my partner signed us up for a number of “Birthday Freebies.”  Since our birthdays are close together, we were able to use our… Read More ›

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Sunday Breakfast: Medu Vada Wraps

(4) medu vada with pita

Medu Vada is a popular South Indian fried snack made from urad dal (lentils) and traditionally served with sambar soup or coconut chutney. They remind me of savory, crispy little doughnuts. Although my South Indian friends insist they are not that difficult to make from scratch, I have not yet been courageous enough to try…. Read More ›

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Third Annual Charlotte VegFest 2014!!!

(8) Alyssa and Basil

Saturday, May 17th, was the Third Annual Charlotte VegFest! It was also my third year attending. The first year I helped out at the Chelly’s Cakes ‘N Pastries booth. The second year I could be found at the booth for Keep Charlotte Boring (another blog I write for). This year, however, I attended as just part… Read More ›

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